The campaign to remove the barbed wire fence in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

"Camp 16 and Barbed Wire" by Shohid

A catastrophic fire ravaged the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh on 22nd March 2021. The ability to escape and attempts to put out the fire were hindered by barbed wire fencing. The fence contributed to the spread of the fire further, destroying shelters of more than 50,000 people.

Because of the fence: families were split up, belongings were left behind, an unknown number of people died. Charred bodies of small children were found in the ashes. For many the gates were very far to reach. Young children and the infirm were lost or left behind.

The fence is extremely dangerous. The fence must be removed without delay.

Remove the Fence Webinar, 18th April 2021

The barbed wire fence with watchtowers:

  • separated communities;

  • cut through shelters;

  • took away freedom of movement;

  • is dangerous, especially for children;

  • stopped children accessing playing fields;

  • made it a long walk for many (including elderly, sick and pregnant) to reach the market and health clinics;

  • stopped pregnant women going for regular check ups;

  • meant that the market was also a long way to walk for many;

  • saw medical emergencies becoming life threatening because of the distance to reach the gates;

  • increased travel costs for Rohingya shop keepers who have to travel longer distances to get supplies;

  • created extortion at the gates;

  • is ugly and a symbol of oppression;

  • feels like an extension of the genocide;

  • removed hope.