Ai Weiwei is supporting the Remove The Fence campaign. He says, "Barbed wire fence is an insult to humanity."

"Setting up wire-fence will be like putting Rohingya into concentration camps. I have visited Nazi concentration camps. I don’t want my fellow Rohingyas take refuge in the same concentration camps."

"TWO YEARS AGO, I said that setting up barbed wire fence is like putting Rohingya into concentration camps. I stand by that statement." Ro Nay San Lwin, April 2021

Actor Thomas Sadoski is support the Remove the Fence campaign.

“The idea that any refugee escaping genocide would be subjected to the indignity and inhumanity of being forced into a camp should turn the stomach of every feeling human. That these same refugees, among them children and the infirm, were caged behind a fortified fence that prohibited their escape from the horror of a fire that swept through the camp- and that so many died excruciating deaths as a result- should stir the soul of every man, woman and child to cry out in solidarity, compassion and support of the Rohingya people.” Thomas Sadoski. March 2021