Everyday Dangers of Barbed Wire in Rohingya Camps

18th May, 2021

Rohingya children playing near razor wire fence

On 15th May, in a two hour period, a Remove The Fence activist was able to photograph several potentially harmful and even dangerous incidents relating to barbed wire fencing in the camps.

The activist observed:

  1. Children touching the razor wire as they made their way along the path

2. A child retrieving a ball from inside razor wire

3. Children playing near razor wire

4. Adults and children scaling a very high gate in order to exit

5. Adults and children negotiating the fence in another potentially harmful situation

There have many incidents where children have cut themselves. The authorities should consider the danger posed to children as they go about their daily life. Currently no one bears liability if people injure themselves on the barbed wire. Even without reference to international law, Bangladesh has a duty of care to protect people in the refugee camps